United Musicians

UNITED MUSICIANS is founded on the principle that every artist should
be able to retain copyright ownership of the work he or she has
created and that this ownership is the basis for artistic strength and
true independence.

United Musicians Artists have their own labels under the United
Musicians banner and retain all rights of ownership to their work. By
uniting and sharing resources, United Musicians Artists have a
stronger organizational base from which to build and flourish in their

Artists Aimee Mann, Michael Penn and their manager Michael Hausman
formed United Musicians during the independent release of Aimee’s
album “Bachelor No. 2.” Together, they saw the obstacles that faced a
single artist label in a world of multinationals. They imagined a
group of artists joining together to provide a level playing field,
create a recognizable brand and ethos that would attract like-minded
artists and music lovers while allowing the artists to retain control
of their work.

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